Bandwidth Limit on Cellular not working

Trying to setup bandwidth limitation on a HD2 dome on one of the modems but I cant get this to work. In the cellular settings there is a Upload/Download Bandwidth option on the “WAN connection Settings” but this is not followed by the modem.

Cellular 1 should have no limit on upload/download
Cellular 2 should be limited to 1mbit up/2 down

Is there another way to set this up or am I missing something?


The upload/download bandwidth option is for QoS. You need to set at least one QoS rule to enable it.
e.g. QoS > Application > VoIP High Priority

Ok so what does it do then?
On Advanced-> QoS I have “Bandwidth Control” where I can effectively limit bandwidth on all modems. Bandwidth limit for upload seem to be working but not for download.

If I add a QoS rule for lets say VoIP and set this to high, will it service only depending on what I set in the cellular settings? This does not seem to work…

Is this the best way to limit all traffic on one modem then?