Bandwidth Hogging

I have a Balance 30 with 3 WAN, it seems that they is a user on the network using up the bandwidth and causing the other users a slow connection, what can i do to solve this…i noticed one time that there was a bittorrent protocol in the status.real time or active users window, thanks

I recommend upgrading to the Balance 305 so you can get the Bandwidth Management feature that will allow you to throttle his bandwidth down.

is there a configuration that can be used to limit the user in the outbound policy when they try to download using bittorrents. I just bought this unit don’t know if i can afford a new one just yet. I created an outbound policy dont know if it works any way you guys can help me with this policy, thanks.

That rule will force UDP traffic on ports 1024-65534 to the Lime1 WAN connection. It is a fairly loose rule, but you can try it.

Ok, can you give me some help on tightening up this rule to force all the bittorent clients to this wan and then i’ll set some rules to send the other traffic to the other 2 wans

Hi Kwabdul

The Peplink Balance 580 has a built in feature to assist with torrent blocking, but it is a very big jump from a Balance 30.

I have very good results with the smaller units by just allowing the required traffic through the firewall, and blocking everything else. Try creating outbound firewall rules for all the built in firewall options that you can select from the dropdown menu, and deny everything else. Also deny all incoming traffic, except for those ports that you specifically require.

This will block a lot of torrents and assist to manage the traffic better. You can also block access to some frequently used torrent domain names with firewall rules.

That is not a good answer, folks - your QoS features of higher end models DO NOT ADDRESS bandwidth hog problem. My old SMCBR12VPN router can deal with bandwidth hogging quite nicely and can even apply rules on a schedule while costing less than Balance 20. Peplink has to deal specifically with bandwidth hogs in lower end routers if it wants to stay competitive. And where is the scheduling? None exists now.

Actually, I think this is a good answer since blocking peer-to-peer traffic can be an expensive technology. Restricting a user’s downstream and upstream bandwidth in the SMC router is different, and the Balance 305 bandwidth control feature has the capability to do individual bandwidth limitations as well.

No, you are simply nudging customers into more expensive hardware. You think that adding anti-hog feature on low end routers would undercut the sales of high end devices.

wow guys you’ve been very helpful but i’m still having issues as i’m not as experience, I was wondering if there is a way to limit the bandwidth and allow all connected users to only have a certain amount when connected, thanks for your help guys.

I havent gotten anymore help to my last question, i would like to know if i can set a limit on all connected user so thy cant exceed a certain amount of bandwith on the balance 30, i have 20 users and 3 wans that provide 8megs each i wish to evenly distribute 1meg to each connected client is this possible with the balance 30? i’m greatful for any assistance, thanks.

Hi, No, the 30 does not have any inbuilt bandwidth controls. All you can do is force him onto a a specific (slowest) WAN.

What you need is to buy a extra router device (smart / managed switch), that has all the bandwidth limiting and filtering features built in. Then configure it ports, insert this on the LAN side between the 30 and the client PC’s that are giving trouble. Netgear (gs108E) and others make these, and for $62 on Amazon, the problem is solved.

When you accept the Peplinks are designed for multi-WAN-ing, and not a lot more, then just buy a purpose built filtering devices as extra.

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This is the best advice i’ve gotten here, thanks alot.