Bandwidth endpoint returns empty

bandwidth url returns this , once in a day, between 24:00 to 1:00 next day.

  • what is the standard timezone for these apis , i mean which timezone all my peplinks operate ?
  • do they sync from incontrol ,
  • If i want to set single timezone for my entire organization where do i set.

2020-11-05 00:46:21,904 root ERROR peplink_id: 8 msg: {'resp_code': 'SUCCESS', 'caller_ref': '202011041916122233333', 'server_ref': '2020110419162113102597', 'data': {'wans': [], 'type': 'daily', 'group_id': 1, 'device_id': 8, 'sn': '2935-xxxx-11213', 'usages': []}}

For the bandwidth API, the date fields in response data (“from_date” or “to_date”) are using the group timezone.

You may find the timezone setting in “Settings” → “Group Settings” page in InControl.