Bandwidth Control w/ User Groups not being honored


my Bandwidth Control implementation is not behaving as expected, neither over SSID nor via LAN Port assignment.

my understanding is Bandwidth Control is a hard allocation (i.e., 50% of bandwidth assigned to a given User Group delivers a maximum of 50% of the bandwidth provided by the ISP) however when I test as a client on all three subnets bandwidth allocation is not limited.

I have a Balance One running firmware 7.0.2 build 3155. I’ve also tried rolling back to 7.0.0 build 2742 but no luck.

below are my configurations:

Netowrk » WAN » WAN 1

Network » LAN » Network Settings

Network » LAN » Port Settings

Network » QOS » User Groups

Network » QOS » Bandwidth Control

Network » QOS » Application

what am I missing?

Hi there,

We’ve received your ticket and will review the settings in depth ASAP.
Thank you for the pics - that’s very helpful.

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