Bandwidth control stops working

Periodically, I have to re-apply the bandwidth controls (maybe not necessary - might just be the reboot) and restart my Balance 380 because the bandwidth controls stop working. By not working, I mean that all users have full bandwidth despite the User Groups and Bandwidth Control settings. Firmware is v5.1.9 - hesitant to update unless necessary to resolve this issue.

I will recommend a firmware upgrade, sloane.

I cannot say for absolute certainty that a firmware upgrade will address your issues without a closer look. But we have gone as far as to firmware 5.4.7 now and we don’t have similar report of your issue on this firmware. So likely it is already addressed on firmware 5.4.7. If it is not, to allow us to do further diagnostic, still we will need your device to be on the latest firmware which serves as a starting point for diagnostic.

And rolling back is easy if you need to go back to 5.1.9 for any reason. Because Balance has two flashes, it will store your existing installation before upgrading. You can go ahead and upgrade your Balance 380 to firmware 5.4.7 and have a try. If you want to go back to firmware 5.1.9 for any reason, simply go to System > Reboot on the web admin page and select 5.1.9 for reboot.