Bandwidth Control Question

I have a PePLink Balance 710 and I have a question regarding the Bandwidth Control.

I have Internal IP’s and External IP’s setup as Clients under Staff.

When I go to Bandwidth Control, I set the Staff to 1 Meg Down and 1 Meg Up.

My question is does the PePLink only bandwith control external IP’s of sites I want to restrict flow to or will it see our Internal IP’s?

Thank You


Hi Dan,

Just to clarify matters, are you thinking that the Bandwidth control function is used for limiting traffic to a particular site outside? If so, unfortunately that is not the function of the Bandwidth control feature.

Bandwidth Control is used to designate LAN and PPTP clients by IP addresses or subnets into user groups - Manager, Staff, and Guest. You can apply different bandwidth and traffic prioritization policies on each user group in the Bandwidth Control and Application sections. Basically, the feature is going to be looking at the “source” rather than the “destination”.

Now because this is for the source, it’s usually going to be private IPs rather than public ones (not saying publics wouldn’t ever be used just normally people have privates on the inside). The Balance at this time does not really have a “shaper” that can restrict traffic going to a particular site. This would be a possible feature request that our Engineering Team can review and see if it is feasible to implement down the road.

I do hope this helps to clarify matters Dan, let us know if there is anything else to go over.