Bandwidth Bonding For Youtube Streaming

Dear all,

I’m looking for device which supports bandwidth bonding of LTE connections which can be used to do streaming to youtube or facebook live or twitch.

I’ve browse through multiple threads and seems like everybody have their own streaming server.

May i know if the above is possible and which model would be recommended.

Hope to get a reply soon.

I have almost the same question. I recently bought a 4G CAT1 serial modem and it’s taking too much bandwidth now I want to limit the bandwidtth.

What is your source of streaming video?
Do you need to stream from the field or fixed location?
Peplink makes several models of dual and quad LTE routers:
Just announced FEC (Forward Error Correction) feature should work really well for RTMP streams.

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Basically, we have a temporary command center set up for an event where the only way we could get connection is from LTE. The feeds would be then streamed to either twitch or YouTube live from said command center .

Using the models shown do I just use 1 device? Understand from other post that I would need 1 device on site and 1 device on the streaming server side. But in this case the streaming server does not belong to us (twitch or YouTube).

Hope I’m getting things right.

Take any of the multi-cellular MAX models as they support SpeedFusion Bonding. Then host a FusionHub Virtual appliance in the cloud as the internet breakout / bridge point for this bonded traffic.

Twitch / Youtube would see your stream coming from the public IP of the Fusionhub appliance in the cloud. Your stream gets the benefit of bandwidth bonding, wan smoothing and now FEC.


Bonded connection always requires two devices:

  1. Bonding - utilizing multiple connections to send single stream.
  2. Aggregation (de-bonding) - putting streams together.

Two options are available:

  1. Using Peplink MAX bonded LTE router + “FusionHub” hosted in the cloud.
    (each device comes with one free license for the FusionHub)
  2. MAX router + Balance 210 at the location where high-speed Internet is available.

I have a similar need except that in my case it would be multiple DSL modems I’d want to combine.

Can someone advise me on whether the Balance One router (+ WAN port activation license) in combination with the FusionHub Solo (running on an AWS EC2 instance) will allow me to combine the upload bandwidth of multiple DSL modems (4) to quadruple the upload bandwidth available for when I live stream to YouTube?

The details literature for the Balance One says “Inbound load balancing (distributes inbound data traffic over multiple WAN links to computers behind Peplink Balance)”. Does that mean the Balance One can’t bond live-stream (outbound) data?

Is this the best solution in my situation? If not, what is the recommended approach? I’m on a pretty limited budget.

Thanks in advance.