Bandwidth Bonding For ISP

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I wanna know something I would like to bond multiple wan connections for a mini ISP, I’m not interested in the VPN aspect, just need multiple WAN links to be delivered or accessible to my network for clients to experience great internet access, can this product do this and which model would be most recommended. I’m new to this technology.

These wan links are all DSL. Say about five connections with 50 mbps down and 20 mpbs up each

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For bonding the connections together you’ll need to utilize SpeedFusion. While most people do use encryption with SpeedFusion, we do have the ability to disable encryption. If you do not wish to go that route, you can always use the device as a load balancer.

For five WANs you are going to need to look at at least the Balance One with a WAN unlock license. I would recommend talking with one of our Certified Partners as they will be able to go over your needs and expectations and help you find the right device for the deployment.

You can also take a look at our Balance Model Comparison page here.

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Thank you Zach