Bandwidth Bonding for Home Network with MAX HD2 Mini

Hey all… I’m new to the Peplink community after getting a MAX BR1 Mini with unlimited AT&T service to replace a satellite internet connection at my home. I’m in a pretty rural area, and this solution has been amazing for working from home during the pandemic. While it’s been working great, getting introduced to this technology has only made me want improve network performance more.

I’m interested in replacing my MAX BR1 Mini with a MAX HD2 Mini, and adding an additional unlimited T-Mobile sim card (the towers are super close to one another, so latency should be comparable) to take advantage of the dual modems and SpeedFusion Bonding offered with the MAX HD2 Mini. Before pulling the trigger on this experiment, I wanted to ask a few clarifying questions:

  1. Do I need an additional appliance (virtual or hardware) to harness the HD2 Mini’s SpeedFusion features? Or is just a service I can activate on the router gateway?

  2. Do you need to create a VPN to use the SpeedFusion features? Or can I just use the features without using PepVPN?

  3. If I need to use PepVPN, will that conflict with a company’s VPN when using my home network for work? (I realize this may be a hard maybe)

  4. Will using PepVPN cause any issues with routing through a non-Peplink device? I know the MAX HD2 Mini doesn’t have an AP, and I’ve had a lot of luck using a Google Nest router with my MAX BR1 Mini.

I’m sure I’ve got more questions stored in my head, but I’ll start with these. While I did my research before asking my questions, I apologize if these answers are documented somewhere (if so, I’d love to read them). Thanks in advance!

Hi Welcome to the forum!

Take a closer look at the MAX Transit Duo CAt12 on Primecare. Perconally I would buy that rather than a HD2 Mini. Its a great platform and cheaper. With the annual primecare subscription it supports speedfusion too.

If you want to use speedfusion for bonding you need another appliance. For your use case that should either be Peplinks own SPeedfusino CLoud service, or you could roll your own in Vultr. I would recommend Speedfusion Cloud as you’re new to this stuff, you could always change later.

Learn more about Speedfusion Cloud here SpeedFusion Cloud Instructions - Safeguarding Your Connectivity

Speedfusion is a VPN technology. When you use Speedfusion your traffic passes over a bonded VPN between you and teh remote appliance (be that Speedfusion Cloud, or a Fusionhub Solo hosted on Vultr).

No. Your company VPN will just see an internet connection. Your public IP will change (to that of the hosted service you connect to) but nothing else does as far as your applications are concerned.

The MAX Transit does have AC wifi built in. You shouldn’t have any issues - even if you did go for the HD2 mini…