Bandwidth balancing with Balance 20


I’m trying to use an Outbound Policy rule to control how my bandwidth is used between two internet connections. One provider gives me a 100gb monthly cap (Succeed), the other gives me 200gb (DigitalPath). I though I had it set-up right but for some reason it’s using it’s been using about 80% from the 100gb (Succeed) connection. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong, or if this is not the way to control that. Thanks!

System Information
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Peplink Balance 20
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Hardware Revision
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Serial Number

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6.2.2 build 3008
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PepVPN Version


I recommend to give the Succeed connection a weight of 5 and DigitalPath a weight of 10. This will send twice the amount of traffic to DigitalPath. Thanks.


Thanks, I’ll try that.


I set it to your recommendation and still getting same results. I even set it to Succeed 0/DigitalPath 10 and it’s still pulling the majority from Succeed. It doesn’t seem to matter where it’s set, same results. Thanks for your help.



How many device is connected to the Balance 20 LAN ? Base on the screenshot given, the outbound policy only apply to MAC Address 84:C9:B2:6E:1A:7C. Can you share all the defined outbound policy here for us to further understand the setup ?

Beside that, do note that weighted balance outbound policy only distribute network traffics base on the connection sessions before connection timeout , thus possible that the high usage connection sessions assigned to the same WAN and this cause “Succeed” over utilized. For your case, i would advice to enable bandwidth monitor the WAN connections & disconnect the WAN, when usage hits 100% of monthly allowance. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot (The setting is available at the WAN settings) .

Thank You


You hit on something I totally missed. I set the source to “any” and it seems to have made a difference. I’ll test for a few days to see how it’s making out. Thank you for pointing that out.