Bandwidth Allowance on WAN Connections

Hi guys,

In the current firmware you have the ability to enable bandwidth monitoring on a WAN connection, set up notifications, reset dates etc. However, with most ISPs in the UK you get “free” usage between certain hours which don’t count towards your monthly allowance.

Can you please add an option for this so that the Balance can correctly calculate the data usage during the “chargeable” times?

This would need to be implemented across the range from the Balance 20 up.


It should be related to bandwidth allowance monitor with schedule/time condition support. Thanks for feature request

Perhaps we could have a setting, where we can specify a connected time, or a disconnect time. That way we could turn on / off the WAN to match the available times.

In addition, I think some users might like to use this to add an expensive metered connection only during peak hours, to meet network demands, and turn it off at other times.

This could be done in the WAN setup page - specify an automatic start stop time.

This complements well with what Dave suggests. Imagine a WAN that has already gone past its monthly allowance. We can “connect” it only on non-chargeable hours. Does it make sense?

Our ISP only counts Download usage towards our cap, it excludes Upload usage.

Could you add a switch to only meter Download so that the Balance doesn’t cut us off before we’ve actually used our allowance?

Yea some carriers are doing this now. Which carrier are you using?

My provider is Service Electric Cable TV, or

They limit us to 250GB “usage”, but I’ve only ever received the warning letter when I breached 250GB Download. My regular combined usage is generally over 300GB/month.

OK. We will take a look at adding this feature as well.

If anyone has similar requests, or want to add to this one, feel free to weight in.

Yes Kurt, that’s a good idea!