Bandwidth Allowance Monitor

Bandwidth Allowance Monitor - how to control daily upload and download bandwidth ?



You can’t control this at the moment. Anyway, we have filed this feature request for further review.


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I will also put a me too please here ;-). I would love to see this in the firmware.

I also really need this feature, as I use 24 hour prepaid cards. Without this feature (or at least the ability to reset the bandwidth allowance counter manually), once the bandwidth on a certain day goes by, my ISP starts using my phone credit at the rate of 17 cents per megabyte ! That goes really fast at 3g or 4g !

Am I missing something…is it possible to reset the bandwidth monitor back to zero ? I then could just manually update the bandwidth allowance quantity on a daily basis. As it is now, even if I deactivate and reactivate the allowance monitor feature, it seems to remember how much data passed through before the feature was deactivated.

Thanks for any help on this.

With the current unlimited DATA bandwith simcards with a (*) GB cap a day. This would be a excelent feature.

If you could set a Bandwith limit for each simcard a day like you can now for a month now this would allow ““unlimited””
simcards to be stacked for like a 20GB a day or more. Making a Peplink LTE router a awsome fit for unlimited users


Hello, any chance we can get feedback on the likelihood of this request? Please at least allow us to manually reset the bandwidth monitor back to zero. I have a daily limit, and then need to manually recharge my internet. If I go over the daily internet plan I purchased, I get charged 20 cents…a megabyte (yes, an MB!) until my prepaid credit is exhausted. Given there’s no way of knowing exactly when this will happen, it’s costing me a fair amount of money. Simply being able to reset the bandwidth allowance back to zero every time I recharge would solve the problem. Thanks for listening!


+1 on this …

In India - we now have all Cellular Providers with data plans with daily cap of 1GB or 2GB. It will be nice to have a daily Bandwidth Allowance control…