Bandwidth Allowance Monitor Reset

I had enabled the bandwidth allowance monitor on my WAN1 connection. Frankly forgot I had set it. This morning I got a 95% usage warning then soon after the connection stopped passing traffic. I cannot seem to reset the allowance counter to re-enable my WAN1 connection.

I’ve rebooted, enabled and disabled the bandwidth monitor, increased the quota. I restart and have connectivity for about 30 seconds then I lose traffic on that port.

WAN2 is operating fine

Hello @dlemmink,
We recommend that you raise a support ticket here for this
(as found on the Peplink Contact Us page)

You will need to grab your devices Diagnostic Report file from the Status page of your router to attach to your support ticket, a guide to finding this can be found in this article.

Post your support ticket # back here in the forum once you have received the ticket number.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: