Bandwidth Aggregation

I have a Peplink 305. It is on a dual WAN setup, with 100/100 fiber and 6/6 LOS microwave. 2 separate static IP’s of course.

My problem is when clients get stuck on the slow WAN. I would like the router to use the 100/100 connection as well, but that is only possible if I have the DNS server enabled, or so I think from what I have read?. However, I already have a server doing DNS duty and have therefore turned off the DNS server on the router, which in turn defeats the bonding.

It would be possible to create rules for all 90 clients, forcing use of the fast WAN, but that would defeat some of the features of the 305, as well as being an incredibly clunky way of doing things…

Thank You

Hi I am wondering if you are mixing up inbound load balancing (which needs to use the DNS server) and outbound load balancing. For outbound load balancing you can choose how different traffic is routed out from the peplink by setting the different algorithms to match what you are needing.

This is the document that explains how to configure the outbound rules in more detail : Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

In your case, because of the massive difference in the connection speeds you will most likely want to use the priority setting with the 100/100 link highest and the 6/6 link second so as to failover to it in the even of the primary failing.

Thanks for the reply. I have read the document and am not confused on inbound & outbound rules.

You have answered my question though…no DNS server active, no inbound load balancing. Thats too bad.


Inbound Loadbalancing can be configure as below:

  1. DNS records configured within Peplink Balance (Peplink become the Public DNS server)

  1. External DNS records at an Authoritative DNS Server (Existing DNS server delegated-sub-domain to Peplink)

Both require Peplink DNS service to be enable in-order to achieve Inbound Loadbalancing.

Thank You