Band testing LTE SIMs

Hi all,

I’ve tried identifying the best bands for my ATT and TMobile SIM cards when I’m on location using my pepwave max transit duo. I accomplish this by looking at the and then selecting individual bands on the SIM card and running a google speedtest. It’s very time consuming.

Is there a better way to identify the best band to use? Does the pepwave have any built in testing or way to identify which band has the best upload or Down load link?

Thanks I’m advance.

I dont believe so…

Your approach of going 1-by-1 would be what I would do to try to measure that, but as you probably are well aware the band performance/saturation could vary over time. And what is good today at 1pm might be terribly slow tomorrow at 1pm.

I have seen where Verizon towers will do CA on band66 and the band66 SCC signal strength is worse than other available bands. I wish there was a way to force the Peplink to do carrier aggregation on specific primary and secondary bands.

In my experience any ATT tower that has band30 - this is a high performance tower. I suspect all of the bandwidth is within band30 on those towers. Shoot for that if you can!

Get 2x CAT18 or better modems and eliminate the problem by being able to do CA on all available bands. :slight_smile: :dollar: :nerd_face: