Ballance 30 problems

I have a Balance 30 BPL-031 running firmware 6.12

I have had a few little nagging problems with it for awhile but decided today to find out if there is a solution.

1st, Sometimes when I’m using a vpn connection I cant connect unless I change something in my outbound policy, it does not matter what i change, as long as i change something and then apply it

2nd, 50% of the time when I change something on my router the apply does not work, this makes issue 1 more frustrating.

3rd, The client list will not always show the names of the devices even if i have manually added them, when I apply a DCHP reservation it will still have the same icon to the right so it doesn’t tell me that i have made the reservation, also the Upload - Download kbps sometimes display incorrect speeds.

4th, I have some webcams on my system, when I’m using the balance 30 on my LAN the images are choppy,when i use a different router they are smooth and i get more frames per second.

5th, Sometimes the router can take up-to five minutes to reboot.

I have factory reset the router a few times, but it has not helped at all.

This is not normal behavior so I can see how it would be quite frustrating. Please open up a support ticket with us here so we can investigate the issue.

I had similar issue with balance 30 using same firmware. I upgrade for a balance 305, thing are better but the router freeze once in a while ,and i had to power cycle the balance 305 to bring everything back to normal. I thing this is a firmware issue , because with brand new balance 305 , I still have issues. Now i’m thinking about going back to old firmware. Peplink team, don’t tell me to fill a ticket, because you never find any solution for this issue in the past.

Hi Shellback,

We do provide a special build v6.1.2s51 (having memory fixed) to you previously but we do not get any feedback. B30 freezing is due to memory issue. v6.2 GA will having the fixed which to be available soon.

For B305, I believe the problem is not same since it has more memory if compare to B30. Please help to open ticket for further checking if you don’t mind.

Thank you.