Balancer Requisites

Hello Guys

I’m in a doubt if the Peplink balancers can accomplish all this requisites, can you help ?

1 – NAT per service/IP (allow 1 public IP to translate to different internal ip’s per service);

2- Multiple gateways;

3 – Outbound Load Balance;

4 – Persistency rules;

5 – Outbound rules by protocol and/or by destination IP (example, this IP can never go through this port or this IP should always go through this port);

6 – Support for DNS zone transfer in the same IP (?), announcement of a new zone done by the outbound IP and check done by the inbound IP;

7 – The previous solution has inbound IP’s different then the outbound IP’s (different subject);

8 – Inbound/Outbound filter;

9 – Traffic analysis by port;

10 – 3G/4G support (by usb).


1 - Yes, Portforwarding
2 - Yes, The Balance is a multi-WAN router with multiple WAN default gateways.
3 - Yes, Outbound Policy Rules - Peplink | Pepwave - Forum
4 - Yes, Persistence Algorithm
5 - Yes, Outbound Policy Rules can do by Single IP/Network/MAC-Address/Protocol/Domain Name/Source and Destination IPs
6 - Balance does have capability of doing Authoritative DNS and Zone Transfers. Will follow-up with advanced team on the particulars.
7 - Please clarify (NAT Mappings, you can define inbound and outbound)
8 - Yes, Inbound/Outbound Firewall Rules
9 - Yes, You can enable event logging and it will capture source and destination ports per IP.
10 - Yes, Excellent Support -