Balance50 Streaming Issues

I seam to be having some kind of streaming issues with the Balance50. Trying to run streaming through the Balance50 after about 5 min. in the stream stutters and acts like it is out of band width. If I unplug the Balance50 and run one DSL line to the device it is fine but the issue always pops up when the Balance50 is in the mix.

I set application priority for streaming to HIGH and it shows the CPU load is only at generally 20%.

Any suggestions for optimizing the Balance50?

Thank you,


Hi Matt,

  1. May I know how many WAN and type of WAN attached to B50?

  2. When you notice streaming quality is bad, have you check the streaming is going to which WAN (You may check via Status > Active Sessions > Search)?

  3. Can you share existing outbound policies (prefer screen shot)?

Thank you.