Balance SDX Pro - Python Docker Container

Hello All!

I’ve been trying to run a Docker container on a Peplink Balance SDX Pro using the base Python image. Has anyone ever achieved this? Does the Python Docker image work on any Peplink device?

I can’t get the default python image to run without exiting instantly with ‘Error Code 1’, I run it using ‘docker run -d python’ or ‘docker run python’. It starts and then instantly exits, and when I click the green play button to start it the container exits again.


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I’ve run other docker images successfully, I haven’t tried the python image, but I believe the python image needs additional arguments to execute, otherwise it has nothing to run.

I’ll test this on my SDXP.

I struggled with this this for longer than I should have. Issues I faced were getting the proper permissions on the files added into the the base image (node16-alpine) I was using, look into chown when running COPY. Additionally, my biggest error was not picking the proper platform when creating the build. For me I had to add --platform linux/arm64 to get an image to run as a container.