Balance same ISP and multiple LTE gateways


Hi there to the community,
Appreciate if anyone can clarify, I just want to be sure before I purchase. The Load Balancer: for the purpose of boosting available LAN bandwidth by firing up additional LTE routers when required, if I use multiple routers connected to the same ISP via LTE, the load balance will still work fine? Or does it need to be for example, 1 link is adsl from isp1,another link is LTE from isp2, another link is something isp3? In this particular case, the LTE public ip address is the same regardless of which LTE router you use. ie LTE router 1 public ip = LTE router 2 public ip = LTE router 3 public ip etc
thanks all in advance.


Yes, this setup will work.

Keep in mind that you will get better bandwidth results by using multiple providers, instead of the same one.
A cellular tower has an X amount of bandwidth available.
If you use the same provider with all SIM-cards, the available bandwidth on the cellular tower will be divided.

Please also note that loadbalancing does not mean WAN 1 + WAN 2 + WAN 3 = combined speed.
If a WAN closes during a data session, you will have to restart all data sessions that were using that WAN.
Loadbalancing will always use the available WAN connections seperately, it’s not bonding.