Balance router and multiple SpeedFusion Engines to create a large LAN

Hi, I’m not the most tech savvy when it come to networking so please forgive me if I get some of my terminology wrong.

I would like to deploy some digital signage players at different remote destinations. The manufacturer of the signage players do have their own subscription service allowing remote control however this does get costly when you start to have a lot of players or you exceed the monthly bandwidth limitation. If I can make the players believe that they are all on the same LAN then no subscription is needed and I can push new content without the need for a subscription.

The new SpeedFusion engine device looks like the perfect device to provide 4G internet access and VPN functionality to the signage players. It’s my understanding that these work seamlessly with the Balance routers to establish a secure and stable VPN.

So my question really is will this work? Will the control software believe that the players are all on the same LAN? I also see the Balance ONE supports up to 2 peers as standard. Can those peers be activated and deactivate remotely. For example I have 10 signage players but I only need to connect to them to push new content. Can I connect to them one at a time individually or do they need to be always on and connected via SpeedFusion and hence need the add on SpeedFusion license?

Hello @matt-e,
This is certainly possibly and the easiest way to manage this we know of is with the central management of InControl2 where you can enable and disable VPN links as required.

The setting up of the NAT between you base and the remote end has tricks to it.

Another option for you would be to look into using FusionHub, this will allow you to have all of the links operational though a vitalised system all off the time building your own WAN network.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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