Balance Product Lines

I haven’t received an email back from Peplink Sales, so I figured I would ask the questions here.

We would like to deploy a few of these Balance 3xx series around the world. Are Peplink Balance’s licensed to work in other countries? Mainly Hong Kong, Mexico, India, UK, Brazil? We were told be a competitor that their products were not licensed in all the countries, so we are hoping that Peplink is.

Thank you!

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All of these are fine, all have in country distribution and multiple certified partners selling the full range of Peplink products.

A very desperate competitor indeed… fancy telling a lie that is so easy to prove as one…

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Hi @david85224 !

Quite late in here… but I just found this post in the forum.

Anyways, the answer from Martin was just perfect…

BTW. We represent the VAD (Peplink Distributor) in México, please let us know if we can be of further assistance in the present :slight_smile: