Balance One with SOHO MK3

I have a SOHO MK3 and ended up getting Balance One. Does anyone try to use SOHO MK3 as a WIFI AP controlled by Balance One? A glance indicated that there is no way to turn SOHO MK3 into a dedicated WIFI AP.

Is there really a need to pretend the Surf SOHO is just an AP? Just plug its WAN port into a LAN port on the Balance One and it virtually functions as an AP.

You didn’t say if your Balance One has WiFi or not.

Balance One has a WiFi, but the WiFi isn’t exactly the most stable things in my house configuration (3 floors, Balance One in the basement).

Soho MK3 also didn’t work well in my house configuration, but Balance One seems to be more hits and misses than Soho MK3 so I was looking for a way to use both Soho Mk3 and Balance one at home.

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