Balance One with 4G XLTE modem, Cradlepoint AER 2100 Competitor?

Any chance we could see a new Balance router like the Balance One introduced this year that will include an integrated modem that supports Verizon’s newer Band 4 AWS XLTE? I’ve been looking at Cradlepoint’s Enterprise AER 2100 which they just released an updated modem for that supports AWS but this time around I’d prefer to go with Peplink and of course it would be a plus if it came in at a slightly lower price point than their $1099.99.

A Peplink Balance One with the 1 Gbps throughput that included an integrated modem supporting the new Verizon XLTE would be ideally what I’m after for my personal and small business needs.

Any chance of seeing a newer module than the Sierra Wireless MC7750 in the Peplink routers this year?

Please stay tuned :slight_smile:

Alright :). Cradlepoint just released their updated ARC MBR1400 models with the newer modem that supports multiple frequencies including Verizon AWS XLTE this week but I’ll be waiting to see what Peplink has to offer because I want a newer router when I get the new modem.

Please look into providing the new AWS capable module in a router that supports the 1 Gbps WAN throughput though like the Balance One. On my current Cradlepoint MBR1400 at only around 50 Mbps download I’m already seeing my CPU load peg 100% when I max out the connection with two or three large downloads going and makes it to where you can barely refresh or move around in the routers UI.

I’ve seen similar high CPU loads when testing a Peplink Balance 20 as well and with AWS already showing speeds of 100Mbps and above in some areas it will likely be bottlenecked by the router unless it has a fast enough CPU and RAM to support the throughput.

It will be worth the waiting… we have something impressive for everyone coming soon. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it guys :).