Balance One WiFi and Balance 30 LTE - configuration?


I have purchased a Balance One WiFi model to go with my Balance 30 LTE router.

What is the recommended configuration of these two routers to work together? Is one more powerful than the other? Which should be acting as the DHCP/DNS server? They are both stacked on top of each other, so I don’t think there should be any special considerations.

Please let me know how best to get these working in tandem. Ideally, I could manage most settings from one device, if possible. Does it make sense to have both on the same subnet? I am connecting the Balance 30 LTE (LAN port) to the Balance One (WAN port) via an ethernet cable.

Thanks for any recommendations you can make. This is for a power user home network configuration.

Can you elaborate more on your primary reasons on having both routers as well as an overview of your network? Like how many and what types of WAN connections you have.

The Balance One has a higher routing rating so it’s correct to put the B30 LTE on the WAN side, avoiding potential bottlenecks.

I have home internet through a cellular service. I was using the Balance 30 LTE with an AC Mini. Wanted to have additional ethernet ports, so purchased the Balance One with built-in WiFi. Right now, I have the 30 LTE set up on a different subnet and connected to the Balance One via the WAN port. Effectively, the Balance One is handling everything other than the internet connection at this point.

Is there a way to have them both on the same subnet? I tried and couldn’t get that working.

Have about 10 ethernet connections and 9 WiFi devices.

Please find the diagram below. Balance 30 LTE will act as DHCP server, DNS server and gateway for all LAN hosts. Does this meet your requirement since Balance One was purchased?