Balance One warranty

I’m upgrading to Balance Mid-Size Business equipment from a Balance One. I’m selling the Balance One router, originally purchased from 3GStore, that is still in warranty. Why doesn’t the Balance One warranty extend to the new owner?


Warranty is 1 year from the date that the unit was purchased by you from 3Gstore. If the warranty is incorrect, send a copy of the invoice to [email protected] and a technical team member will be able to verify purchase date and update the warranty date.

Thanks - that is great news, but the warranty statement on Peplink’s web site says that the warranty extends to the original purchaser. So you are saying that this is not correct and that the new owner will not have any problems obtaining warranty support if needed? it would be great if the statement were updated to reflect that change.

The standard (limited warranty) 1 year from date of purchase will only be valid to you. Unless you were a partner/reseller then you would be able to sell the product to someone else and they would be able to be covered as far as warranty is concerned.

I didn’t see anything specifically in the warranty policy regarding the purchase of additional warranty as being non-transferable but I believe the warranty that comes with the device is only valid if used by the purchaser.

-If someone else from the team can confirm/clarify.

Oh - so it IS restricted - that was my original question. Now you’re confirming that the new owner will have no warranty on a device with 4 months left on the original warranty. Can someone from Peplink please answer whether additional warranty purchased by a second owner would be valid?

The statement on the website is there for legality reasons, but the bottom line is that you can sell your Balance One and the new owner will get whatever is left of the original one year warranty.

They will also be able to purchase extended warranties as well in the future.


Got it. Thank you.