Balance One WAN5 not reporting active sessions


I recently added a WAN5 on the Balance One (LAN1-3 → WAN unlock).

On the Active Sessions page, it shows 0 active sessions for WAN5. This is with me forcing a device to be enforced to WAN5 and actively streaming. Used a Speedtest tool and confirmed the traffic on the device is going out over WAN5. If I run a search on Active Sessions, all of the WAN5 sessions show up, but the interface column is blank and not showing the name of the Interface. The WAN connection is named like the others and I’ve rebooted with no luck.

WAN3-4 do report correctly.

This seems to be a bug in the latest firmware.

what fw are you using?

8.2.1 build 5372

That’s strange I would suspect that it would work on the latest fw.
I’d open a Ticket
Update us with what they find.

Here’s some screenshots I grabbed. You’ll notice in the last one that the interface column is empty, which is indeed all of the traffic going to the “Dish” WAN/interface.

I opened a ticket for this issue, as it doesn’t seem to be my device, but an issue with the WAN having the correct tag/label applied to the interface to show in the GUI.