Balance one wan individual bandwith limit


I see there is an option for Individual bandwidth limit, so my understanding is everybody would have the limit set for upload and download - I do have fiber 100Mb/100Mb so for 60 clients connected to that fiber what would be the best limit? Mixed clients phones and PCs.

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Unless you are doing 4K streaming, the majority of video streaming (large data transfer) can function without buffering at about 8 Mbps. Some video sites use multiple data connections running concurrently, so you could do 15-16 Mbps and cover that base. Large file downloads (non-video) will “work” at any rate, so the 15-16 Mbps would work fine for them too.


Is that limit set per day or per hours - how it works?


That limit is per second. At any given point, the client can only consume 8 Mbps.

Sometimes thinking of data flows as a liquid helps. You can limit the amount of liquid to a “bucket a day”, but you can also limit the liquid to “a quarter turn of the faucet”. The bandwidth limit is more of the faucet type of limit as opposed to a total amount dispensed.

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well I set 25 / 25 and did speed test … it showed me 100 /100 is that right?

my understanding is if I set up individual bandwidth limit to 25/25 speed should show me 25/25 not 100/100

unless I am missing something


Yes, your understanding is correct.

Below are my quick test results.


Test results:

My i know your device firmware version ? We have similar fix for firmware 7.1.1 for the “Individual Bandwidth Limit”


Then something is wrong. I have thsi set up:

and my speed from any pc is 100/100 anyway its not 25/25 any thoughts?

firmware 7.1.1 build 3775


@MST, please ensure the IP address of your PC is under which User Groups. Ensure it is out the Manager Group.


that chnages all, yes dang it. I better create vlans and assign subnets = vlans according the guide ehhhhhhhh my mistake. sorry