Balance One WAN Access restriction / firewall question

Hi, I am planning to purchasing a Balance One for my home/home office.
I have two WAN connections. I would like to setup my network as follows:
few devices (Work related laptop, ipad etc) to use only WAN1 and fall back to WAN2 is WAN1 goes down.
All other devices (printer, tv, mobile phones etc) to use only WAN2(Should not fall back to WAN1).
All devices should be able to communicate with each other. EG work laptop to printer etc.

I am thinking of setup up WAN1/WAN2 to load balance and use firewall access rules to allow work device (based on IP) to access WAN1 and block all other devices to access WAN1

Will Balance One support this?

Hi. Yes, that sort of use is certainly supported. You may find you’ll be developing your concept of WAN usage a bit as time goes on. Take a look here for a discussion of Peplink’s load balancing algorithms -

You may wish to check here – - Model Comparison – to ensure the Balance One meets your needs. And, note that there are two models – with and without wi-fi. The “B1” is a good “box” for its price point.