Balance One w/ fw 7.0.0 (2702) -- Monthly Bandwidth blank page

I just installed the latest firmware onto my Balance One. When I go to the Status tab and attempt to view the Monthly Bandwidth for the WAN 1/WAN2 billing cycle, I just see a blank page. If I click Calendar Month, the page shows up correctly.

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Thanks for your report. This is now a confirmed bug. We will work on a fix. Cheers.

I ran into another glitch on the Monthly Bandwidth page. The previous month shows an abnormally large amount of data transferred.

These screenshots are from my three Balance One Core units (each running 7.0.0 build 2702)


Please open a support ticket here from the team to check from the device. Make sure you include the following info in the support ticket for the team to further investigate.

  • Serial Number for the Balance One Core
  • Remote assistance is enable for the device.