Balance One Throughput

I am considering purchasing the Balance One but have some questions about throughput, both LAN <-> WAN and WiFi to LAN/WAN.

The setup will include the following:

20-30 WiFi clients running a mix of 2Ghz/5Ghz
4-5 of these WiFi clients would be high throughput devices on 5Ghz network
1100 square foot coverage, decent open floor plan

1Gbps Internet connection
One high throughput directly attached LAN device that would need to download 700-800Mbps from Internet sources

Two SpeedFusion VPN connections - one to a MAX BR1 and another to a yet to be purchased Balance One or 30 for a remote site.
Roaming laptop VPN connection (1 randomly)

My questions:

Is this setup reasonable?
Will the integrated WiFi handle this space?
Require 800Mbps minimum WAN->LAN performance
Multiple clients will be pushing 200-400Mbps to LAN attached systems over WiFi.

My biggest concern is the WAN->LAN performance, then WiFi performance

Thoughts appreciated


  1. Will the integrated WiFi handle this space?
    I assume your environment with 20 x 55 square fleet. This should not a problem with integrated AP.

  2. Require 800Mbps minimum WAN->LAN performance
    This should not a problem.

  3. Multiple clients will be pushing 200-400Mbps to LAN attached systems over WiFi.

  • Just want to confirm you need 800Mbps (WAN > LAN) and 400Mbps (Wifi > LAN) throughput simultaneously? Please take note Balance One only supports 1Gbps router throughput.
  • You need AP One AC Mini if 400Mbps throughput is needed.

The WiFi clients and the WAN download should not happen at the same time, so I think the overall platform capacity should be fine.

Is this a CPU limitation, or an architecture limitation? The reason I ask is that if I add firewall rules or something else, can I expect my throughput levels to drop, or should I be able to get close to 1Gbps?


1Gbps throughput is based on factory default settings. CPU load will be increase if you turn on other features. You should get closer to 1Gbps with minimal features enable.

I suggested AP One AC Mini since you mentioned 400Mbps Wifi throughput is needed. You wouldn’t get such throughput by using Balance One.

I think that SF-VPN between a B-One and another B-One or B30, Max-BR1 is not supported. Those are considered remote vpn connectors, so you only can connect those to a B210 and up or HD2

Last time I tried this it was on Fw 5.4.9, Fw 6.2.0 still behave like this?


Hi AG,

This is not happening since v6.1.0. So v6.2.0 is safed.

Wait so you’re saying a Max-BR1 can’t connect to a B-One?

The only reason I’m even contemplating Peplink products is because of the bastardized VPN client/server on the Max-BR1 and the workaround hacks I’ve had to do with a linux box that lives behind it.

If I can’t have a mesh between a Max-BR1 and two Balance Ones, then the decision is easy.

The BR1 and Balance One each support up to two PepVPN profiles so you can have a fully meshed VPN solution.