Balance One "System Error"

I have a new Balance One Core, which has been running fine since installation August 9th. But sometime overnight (nothing in the log), it developed a problem and this morning the web UI got the white screen with “System Error”. Refreshes sometimes bring up partial pages, login page at one point displayed “Gateway Error”.

I have rebooted and will continue to monitor. Firmware 7.0.1, no feature add-ons.

Can I confirm you got these error messages when you are trying to access the Balance One Core from LAN?

Yes, accessing Balance One Core from LAN. Web Admin Access is LAN Only, and no other access mechanisms are enabled.

Can you download a diagnostic report from the device and send it to our support ticket here?

That seems to be an unrelated support page. I don’t think I can make a ticket on my own.

Hi prosumer:

Apologies. Our support ticket link is here.

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Sorry for the wrong URL given and thanks Jason for correcting that.

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