Balance One support


Can’t find firmware on as was promised to fix USB / 4G LTE support in the 1st half of the March.

Balance locks up every few days and had to setup networked power strip that pings google yahoo and few others if the ping going to fail power strip powercycles Balance One.

Now I see InControl2 have new version of firmware but setting to push firmware to unit doesn’t do anything. Need help!


We are still working on USB Modem support for the specific device. Will be sure to announce once everything is ready.

What about just firmware upgrade?


Yes that is what is being prepared for the official USB Modem support. It will be a firmware upgrade.

mine currently on 6.1.0 build 1230
in InC2 it’s currently stuck in the:

Firmware 6.1.0 build 1230
(Pending to update to “6.1.1 build 1269”)

IS there anyway you can push it?

Random lockups very annoying. See above for my “fix”

Aha! New firmware made a huge difference.

Not only I noticed stability improvements and device doesn’t die everyday and needs to be powecycled but also finally got new Feature Pepmin - Remote administration of the device!!!

Now, this remote feature save me tonz of time because before I was needed to configure devices WAN to place in majority of our deployments in DMZ IP so I can be able to manage it from remote location.

Not any more. I can ship device directly to our branches and configure it for InControl2!!!

Sorry this is kind wrong thread about InControl2 but just exited of awesome product!