Balance One support page dropped packets

One of our Balance Ones shows over 1.2 million dropped packets on the LAN interface. That client is also complaining of call quality issues with their VOIP phones.

I can’t find any information in either the forums or the Peplink KB that explains what that dropped packets counter means. What does that number mean? Is it something I should be concerned about or is it something benign?


Packet dropped on Receive or Transmit? The counter continue increase?

Packet drop can caused by many factors. Most probably cause is a mismatched Ethernet auto-sync setting.

I suggest to open ticket for us to take closer look to confirm the root caused.

Thank you. I have opened a ticket for you to investigate further. The drops are on the LAN receive side. I have tried manually specifying the speed and duplex settings on both ends of the LAN link, but it didn’t help. I look forward to seeing what you discover. Thanks.


We are currently experiencing the same dropped packets on LAN Side / Receive. At some point the Balance One resets and drops ALL VOIP calls.

Was there a resolution for this problem. Our open Ticket #758910


Noted. Tech support will follow up from there. Anyway, I noticed the Remote Assistance is not accessible, possible to enable it again?

Thank you.