Balance One stuck reconnecting PepVPN

I have three Balance Ones and one MAX Transit all connecting via PepVPN back to a master Balance One. One of the Balance Ones loses connection to the main system once or twice every 1-2 weeks, and about 50% of the time it will not reconnect unless I completely reboot the remote unit.

Thankfully I use inControl which allows me to get into it remotely and do this, but one of the main reasons I use Peplink and PepVPN is because of the resiliency. Has anyone else seen this? I can reproduce it pretty readily as long as a network or power blip occurs, which usually happens once every week or so…

Actually this time around it was the main Balance One - after rebooting the remote one three times, tweaking the PepVPN configuration to make sure there wasn’t an issue, I rebooted the main Balance One and everything reconnected.

Symptoms at the remote end were that the PepVPN connection cycled between “Starting” and “Authenticating” over and over.

What is the firmware version on the devices?

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All running v7.0.2 b3155

The next time it happens grab a diagnostic report from both units before rebooting it and open a support ticket with us. Thanks


Will do, thanks.

Happened again, opening a ticket

Ticket was redirected to a partner, which doesn’t make me happy. All responses have stopped. And did Peplink forward my personal diagnostic downloads that I attached to a 3rd party without my consent?

This just happened again, PepVPN is down.

I have been a loyal Peplink customer for years, but I am starting to search for alternatives after several recent support experiences, and now being told “layers of support” are better for me as a customer.

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Did you everget to a resolve for your PEPVPN issue? I have exactly the same issue on my PB1’s and only a reboot will solve it.


Mine does not do this anymore.