Balance One Status >> Device thinks its July 2021

New Balance One set up this week from prior config file. It’s been showing a far future date and odd time since I first set it up two days ago, wreaking havoc on usage data among other things. System says it’s July 30, 2021, and the time is off by about an hour and 20 minutes. I have a good NTP server and time zone is set properly. Just rebooted thinking that would fix it, but no:

Jul 30 03:56:31 System: Time synchronization successful

Jul 30 03:55:19 System: Started up (7.0.0 build 2742)
Jul 30 03:54:11 System: Reboot from Web

This is strange. Is there an explanation and a way to fix it?

Well, now THAT is unique! Never saw that one before.
Just curious – what happens if you change NTP servers?

Just changed it. No immediate change in the date-time, but I’ll watch for the next time synchronization in the log. I won’t get to reboot until maybe next week, but the message to reboot I think only shows up if you change time zones, not if you only change NTP servers.

If it comes to it, I may have to try factory reset and load config again.

Please open ticket if the problem persists. We need to look into this.