Balance One Slows Down Multi-WAN Failover

My colleague and I purchased a Balance One which we’ve activated with the multi-wan function meaning LAN’s 3,4 and 5 are now usable as wan ports.

We have a very poor ADSL line coming into our customer’s property and have added a 4G router to help see them through until fibre can get to their property.

When we use the 4G on its own, we get reasonably good speeds (up to 13mbps) but when we put it through the Peplink, we rarely get above 2.4 and this is consistent.

We have the 4G on WAN 1 set as ALWAYS ON and PRIMARY line
We have the ADSL on WAN 2 set as the failover account.

I’ve not got any bandwidth throttling on, no limits set, nothing I can see that would drag the 4G speed down to 2.4, but it certainly does.

I’ve upgraded firmware to 7.0.2 and even swapped the devices round and changed priority around but no change.

If I put 4G directly into the property’s Ruckus wifi network, we get good speeds, but put it through the Peplink and the speed dies completely.

Anyone got any thoughts on this ?

Just to isolate any potential issue on this, can you provide the model for the 4G router that connect to the WAN1 of the Balance One ?

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