Balance One slow until reset

I set up a Balance One with one high speed cable modem and a DSL modem as a cold standby. This replaced an old Juniper SSG5 and so far it hasn’t been an improvement.

There are only five people in the office and we all use remote desktop on a cloud server. As the days go on the server connection gets slower and slower until there is a 3 or 4 second delay between typing and seeing what you’ve typed appear on screen. Also the quality of the calls we receive on our VOIP phone gets worse and worse. The caller can hear us fine, but the voice of the caller will continuously cut out.

If I reset the Balance One the problems vanish for a couple of days but then they slowly start to creep back until once again the network is almost unusable. Obviously I can keep resetting the router every few days as a temporary fix but what is causing this to happen? At Peplink support’s suggestion I’ve already changed the SIP settings in Service Passthrough from Standard Mode to Compatibility Mode but it hasn’t seemed to help with the phone.

We didn’t have these issues with the older SSG5 and my boss is starting get fed up. I recommended Peplink and I don’t want to regret my decision. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Rob (@bioscythe),
Have you got intouch with your local Peplink Partner as all Peplink Partners have a certified Peplink Engineer onboard and they may be able to help you isolate what is the cause to get it resolved.

Have you got your Balance One setup within InControl2 ?

InControl2 is a great tool for monitoring and in helping to diagnose issues. InControl2 could also help you (as an interium) to setup a reboot schedule (say once every three days in the evening) to do the reboot for you.

Also could you quote your Peplink Support ticket number here for the Peplink team so they can reference back to your ticket for you.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: