Balance One settings


I have a Balance One with DSL and Cable internet inputs. For some reason, my wireless network is often faster with just the cable feeding it.

Is there some setting I have missed?

Do I need the Fusion add-on to combine the respective speeds?

Does the router need a weekly power cycle to run better?

Should I have both preferred wan boxes checked in set-up??

Thanks in advance.


  1. Please share the upload and download bandwidth for each WAN link.

  2. Please provide screenshot of the Outbound Policy (Network > Outbound Policy).

  3. May I know how many users in your environment?


Thanks for replying.

  1. My upload for WAN 1 (cable is 30mb up, 150mb down), my WAN 2 is DSL 3 up and 15mb down.

  2. Outbound Policy= enclosed a screen shot as requested.

  3. We only have three users with several clients-mostly Apple devices Etc.

Thanks in advance.


This is because some of your traffic is going out over the DSL line which is much slower. The default algorithm uses the lowest latency connection and your DSL could be lower in some cases. I recommend to change your default outbound rule to “Priority” and put your Cable connection as priority 1. This way traffic will route across the faster cable connection unless it goes down, then it will use the DSL connection.

Otherwise, what is your goal in using the Balance router?