Balance One reporting Wrong IP to Dynamic DNS Service

I have a Balance One with latest General Release Firmware.

3 ISPs in use (2 WAN and 1 LTE Modem via USB)

I put a dynamic dns account on the LTE Modem/USB setup as that will pull a random IP address when activated (usually in standby).

However, when I do a trace on the name, it reports the WAN 1 IP (which is my key WAN, WAN2 is in overflow).

This clearly is an error.

Is it in your firmware or something I have set wrong?


When doing nslookup “Hostname” on your created DYNDNS host name for USB, it is giving you WAN 1 IP?

  1. Is DYNDNS for WAN 1 set to “Disabled”
  2. On the DYNDNS provider website, ensure that USB Modem IP is entered there.

If nslookup “hostname” is still giving you WAN 1 IP, appreciate if you could PM me with the SN of your Balance One for us to check further into this.

No, I have 3 Dynamic DNS assigned through
Wan 1 =
Wan 2 =
USB/LTE = = correct IP = correct IP = WAN 1 IP


I am assuming the settings as follow:

WAN 1 = IP: A.A.A.A =
WAN 2 = IP: B.B.B.B =

where A.A.A.A, B.B.B.B & C.C.C.C are dynamic Public IP. Then 2 items that need to further analyze:

  1. At the WAN/USB interface Dynamic DNS Settings has been enabled, it should update the correct IP to DDNS server (in this case

  2. Is there any settings you need to verify on the side?

If both 1 & 2 above seems to be correct, please open a support ticket at this link, for our support team to investigate further.

Thanks and regards.

I responded to 2 private messages from Tech Support giving them my serial number - and later opening up the Peplink for Remote Access over 24 hours ago - and the error continues.

Hi Randy,

Please open a support ticket using the URL below. This will allow us to keep tracks the info provided and technical support team can follow up with you closely.

Base on our system, we found that the initially Opened Ticket “753715” & “752912” is closed due to technical support team doesn’t receive response from your end. Please make sure you are providing/responding the requested info from support team and this will help technical support team to investigate the reported issue.

Thank You

After Months and Months with no resolution - and no firmware updates to try and correct the issue (of course as Peplink passed it off to 3GStores instead of trying to fix themselves - and 3GStore could not have created firmware anyway), its rather ridiculous to keep responding when it is known the problem still exists and no attempt to fix.

And considering the fact after 2 PMs asking me to do certain things including remote access - which was done over 24 hours ago as per request, this seems like just another lame excuse to insert a reason as to why its not fixed.

It takes two to tango. We need your co-operation on this. 3G Store is our local partner who can provide onsite if needed. Especially for the cases that related the wireless.

We are ready to help. Thanks.