Balance One QOS settings for Ring Central


I have just ordered a Balance Once for one of my clients who is moving to a new office and is also switching over to VoiP provided by Ring Central.

The VoiP provider doesn’t have have guidelines one hand for routers other than the usual consumer grade suspects. Let alone Peplink.

Any advice about settings or hands on experience with RingCentral VoiP and the best QOS settings on a Peplink router?

Using a HP Procurve unmanaged switch. Office is only 6 users (6 x Mac + 6 X VoiP)

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As far as QoS Rules go I would create two: 1 for SIP and 1 for RTP

Also, note under Network>Misc. Settings>Service Passthrough, you will have two options for SIP:

Standard Mode: SIP ALG ON
Compatibility Mode: SIP ALG OFF

Some providers require that SIP ALG be on or off and this can be configured here.

Thanks for you quick reply.
Hope it will all go smooth, new territory for me…

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Awesome, somehow Ringcentral could not provide me their own info even after repeated requests…

Any advice about setup?
Do I need to add a rule for each function???

Inbound Firewall: SIP

  • Source IP: (Ring Centrals Feature Server IP)
  • Source Port: 5060-5090
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Destination: (IP Phone Network IP) Example:, Subent Mask:
  • Destination Port: ANY

Outbound Firewall: SIP

  • Source IP: (IP Phone Network IP) Example:, Subnet Mask:
  • Source Port: ANY
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Destination IP: (Ring Centrals Feature Server IP)
  • Destination Port: 5060-5090

Then I would do the same exact thing but for RTP 20000-39999 UDP.

*Outbound Policy:

  • Source: IP Phone Network IP
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Destination: Ring Central Feature Server IP or Domain
  • Port: 5060-5090

Also, this is assuming the phones are desktop and not softphone.

Also you can make Application Rules under QOS -> Application and make All Supported VOIP Protocols: HIGH. Then a custom application that is RTP and port range of 20000-39999 UDP: HIGH

Thanks !!!

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