Balance One: Port Mirroring?

Am I able to do port mirroing or spanning with the balance one? Thanks!

Hi. We don’t have the ability to do port mirroring currently - do you need this for diagnostic purposes or is there an application driver behind that? Only real option at the moment is an in-line managed switch that does support port mirroring…

What sort of spanning are you looking for? Do you mean LACP?

I believe it is referring to Cisco SPAN, found this (

Thanks and regards.

Thanks for your prompt response.

I’m the go-between guy for our network engineers. He wanted to do some diagnostic testing with port mirroring and wanted to see if I had a capable router. Otherwise, he’d have to ship me one. Thanks!

The Balance One has the ability to do a network capture itself so you can view packets using Wireshark. If you find this useful for your diagnostic testing, simply log into the Balance and type in this URL to get to the page where you can start, stop, and download a network capture:

http://<Your device’s IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi