Balance ONE PepVPN Throughput

Hi. I am looking to buy a Balance ONE but I was reviewing the throughput specs and have a question. I need to handle download capacities up to 200Mbps and the Balance ONE router throughput is 400Mbps (with 5 WAN ports enabled), and that sounds good.

But then mention that PepVPN Throughput (256-bit AES) is 30Mbps and here comes my question.

Does that really mean that when I set up a SpeedFusion tunnel the maximum capacity would be limited to just 30 Mbps??

PepVPN throughput rating is for only for VPN traffic. WAN to LAN download capacity remains at 600/400 Mbps with a SpeedFusion tunnel set up, assuming the 200 Mbps download requirement is not going through SpeedFusion.

Hi Ron, thanks for your answer. If I understood you correctly, PepVPN Throughput is only for the overhead traffic relative to the VPN. Data transfer capabilities are not affected by this value (PepVPN Throughput).

It is right?

Correct. A data transfer from the WAN to LAN would not have this overhead. For example, a VPN configured without any traffic going through it would not affect the WAN to LAN data transfer capability. Keep in mind router throughput = sum for all WANs, simultaneous upload and download speeds.