Balance One or 310

For one of our remote office I need a Peplink Balance and wonder which model would give the best performance the Balance one or the 310. The office has ca 20 people that need to work on the corporate network that will be connected with PepVPN to HQ. There are also up to 25 private devices that connect to the guestnet and will go straight out on the Internet. The connection is one 300/30Mbits (FTTH) fiber.

The Balance one is a newer device and has higher router throughput, however the 310 has higher Pepvpn throughput and might be more robust. What would be the best choice performance wise?


Hi Marco,

May I know what is your expect PepVPN throughput?

Well,the connection is 300Mbit/s download 30Mbit/s upload but taking latency and packet loss in consideration, I hope to get 20-25Mbits Pepvpn throughput.


Balance One is your choice.