Balance one not at full speed. What setting do I need?

I have just deployed an Peplink one. I have a Mediacom Cable and a frontier DSL, which has 120 down, 25 up and 10 down and 1 up respectively. Before the Peplink and only on the Mediacom Cable alone I get 105 down, 20 up. After the Peplink, I go 90 down and 15 up combines. Am I suppose to see the combined speed of the 2? Please advise.

First thing to look at is MTU setting on your WAN links. I suspect they might be set to a default of 1440 which would lower than it would be if auto negotiated.

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Unless you are using speedfusion - which I wouldn’t recommend due to your WANS being entirely different latency and throughput - you won’t see combined speeds. You can request a speed fusion trial and a PepVPN with speedfusion trial and set up a VM in Azure or Amazon Web Services if you want to try for yourself.

What you can do in some scenarios is identify destinations that serve HTTP download content for large packages (game downloads, iCloud backups, music downloads, etc). Then use a weighted balance outbound policy for 1:1 weight. If your device doing the download makes concurrent calls - you can have 1 going through WAN1 and the other going through WAN2.

If it were me, and I had those links, I would use the DSL for low latency, low bandwidth stuff - like VOIP or gaming, and route the other stuff down the larger (and typically more congested) pipe. Just my .02 - it is worth what you paid for it. :nerd_face:

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