Balance One New installation

New installation of Balance One - sanity check please help.

I have just installed a new balance one router on my network to manage multiple LAN installations, I don’t have any purchase upgrades for speedfusion bonding or more than two WAN connections installed yet.

I have two TP-link routers running in AP mode, with DHCP server turned off, IP address &

My balance one is set to default & is controlling the DHCP server with - as the range of available IP addresses

My single WAN connection at the moment is coming from a TP Link MR200 with GLOBE - local to Philippines as the ISP. With a LAN IP address of DHCP server is switched off on this device.

my WAN router is connected to WAN 1 of the balance one with the AP’s connected into the LAN ports.

The balance one picked up the WAN connection automatically, but only through a DHCP connection & assigned it an IP address - I then reserved this IP address for the router.

Is this an ideal setup?

I tried to install the WAN router as a static IP router but the balance one wouldn’t pick it up.

It works, but I am having issues with my WAN router, it consistently trips out & needs to be reset to find an internet connection. It was doing the same thing before I installed the balance one on the network & failing in the same way - others have reported similar issues with this router online.

At the moment the WAN router is connected to the WAN port so I can’t access it directly on its static IP address of unless I plug a ethernet cord directly into it. This is a pain because I need to reset it almost every 30 minutes.

I tried plugging an ethernet cable from the WAN router into the LAN port of the balance one so I could access the WAN router through my AP’s - but it didn’t seem to like this.

No problems with my AP’s at the moment, they function ok.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to change my setup? I will be adding some WAN connections in due time, but want to get my main WAN connection working well first.

Muchos Gracias

First thing to do is make the WAN and LAN subnets unique by either changing the LAN on the TPLINK MR200 away from or by changing the LAN on the Balance. You’ll get routing confusion otherwise and once its changed you’ll be able to access the LAN of the TPLINk from the LAN of the Balance.

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Many thanks for your reply - I am a bit confused, by subnet do you mean the thing

or changing the IP address of the router - what should I change it to?

Your TP LINk MR200 has an IP of on a /24 subnet. Your balance one has an IP of which is on the same /24 subnet. As a Layer 3 router, your Balance will much prefer having different subnets on its WAN and LAN so it is clear as to whether traffic needs to stay on the LAN or be sent over the WAN.

Easiest thing to do would be to change the MR200 IP to When you do this you will be able to access the MR200 from any device on the LAN of the balance one.

All about subnets here

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For more on picking an IP subnetwork see

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