Balance One Network Printer on different VLAN

I have set up a simple test configuration.
1 windows 10 PC connected to a Balance one Router port TRUNK ALL VLANS.
On another port of the Balance one set to TRUNK ALL VLANS is a HP network printer.
The LAN is 192.168.1.x and all works fine.
I have enabled InterVLAN routing in the Balance One.
There are no firewall rules.
If I shift the PC to a 192.168.2.x address, it will not communicate with the printer.
I seem to be missing something basic - what is it?
It seems to be I need the router to in one direction to strip off the vlan headers with 1 and replace them with 2, and in the other direction, vice versa.
So does that mean I need to set the ports to ACCESS with a dedicated vlan for the printer in some way.

When you moved the printer to a new VLAN did you update the printer config with the new IP address? If not and you are expecting LAN discovery to work then it won’t because the printer is no longer on the same LAN as your device…


Thank you for that. The printer was not moved to a new IP address or VLAN. It stayed on 192.168.1.x. it was the PC that I moved to VLAN 2 192.168.2.x by changing the PC IP address.

I was under the impression that it was possible to set up a network printer using a Balance One on a single vlan such that computers on other vlans could print. That is what I am trying to do and I thought enabling intervlan routing on the Balance One would do that.

If that does not work, how do I share a network printer across VLANs?

It is possible to setup printing across VLANs, but your operating system won’t know to look for the printer on a different subnet. Are you on windows or IOS? And what printer is it? I expect we can find a guide online to show you how to do it.


Thank you Martin, that would be great.

It is Windows 10 PC. The Printer is an HP 8720 Office Jet All in One

It would also be great to allow iPhones and iPads access to the Printer. I have enabled Bonjour services on the Printer and on the Balance One, “Bonjour Forwarding Services” are enabled with the “Service Network” set to the Printer Vlan and the “Client Network” Set to “Any”. That didn’t work. EDIT it works when on same subnet.

PS I do not want to use HP’s servers for printing. There is a tendency of their software to push me in that direction using internet printing. I just want to print using the local network.

Ok. So what I think is going on here is that when you first installed the printer software and everything worked, the printer software was finding the printer using a lan discovery protocol. Not sure which one yet.

What I would suggest you do is assign your printer a new static IP address in its VLAN, then on your windows PC create a new TCP/IP Port for the printer (or follow the wizard and choose add by IP address).

For IoS devices enable the bonjour side of things on your B1.


Thank you Martin

I had already given the printer a reserved IP of so whenever it connects to the B1 using DHCP it is allocated that address.

It was using a standard TCP IP port named
IP4_1c852a4d-b800-1f08-abcd-e4e7496a8118_192.168.2.100 which was set to use the printer on address Duh! I had been fiddling with exactly this area, so when I put the printer on 192.168.1.x, that was the correct port.

But right now the printer is on

So now as you advise I have set up a new standard tcp-ip port - named HP Printer TCP-IP on address
My ipconfig shows the PC is on wired Ethernet and the wifi adapter is disconnected.

It is printing to from*******

********* Well done Martin **********

Thank you for most generously using your time to help.

Wil try Bonjour later and let you know.

BTW as my AP is currently switched off for testing something else, I found out by chance that the B1 and the HP Printer have sufficiently powerful wifi (with the boost setting on the B1) to connect without the AP in use at all. Amazing, it is going down one floor and through a 20" or more thick brick wall. I will ponder on whether to continue to use the B1 to auto control the config on that AP, since it seems to me to make sense to set up a printer SSID and vlan on the B1 only and not have it promulgated to the AP, hence the AP is out of the equation for printing. What do you think?

Actually I think I know the answer, would you say use In Control and not the B1 to control the AP? :slight_smile: I would use In Control if starting from scratch. But now I have set up everything through the device web interfaces, I would have to load up In Control manually painstakingly copying all the settings and hoping to get it right.

Best Regards


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For anyone else using this thread in future, the Bonjour Link Martin kindly provided should read:-