Balance One - multiple connection Q

Hi All,

I have a Balance One with a very reliable fiber data connection. I recently added a wifi 4G / LTE mobile internet connection and setup to be a Backup Group.

In just a few days I received an email saying I have reached 75% of my bandwidth and I’m not quite sure how that’s possible since I don’t believe my main line has gone down once. Is there anyway to see a graph of when each connection is in use or any other way to see when/why the mobile internet connection was being used?


How much data do you have on your plan and can you confirm the USB connection is in a cold standby state?

You can take a look at the bandwidth usage graphs to see when that connection was being used.


You may check the data usage at Status > Real-Time/Hourly/Daily/Monthly.

Possible to share your screen shot below? You may hide the sensitive info. This allow us to check further.

  1. Bandwidth Allowance settings for Mobile Internet (Network > WAN > Mobile Internet > Bandwidth Allowance Monitor Settings).

  2. System Information (Status > Device).

  3. Event Log (Status > Event Log).

  4. Data usage (Status > Daily).

Thank you.

Thanks Guys

So I have Mobile Internet set as Backup Group 1, Remain Connected. It says “Standby” when I log on.

I currently have set it to 200 MB monthly allowance as a test.

Looks like its downloading 1 MB an hour… any ideas on what causing that?

This is the health check mechanism in action because it is setup as “remain connected” and it will consume roughly 1 MB per hour. You can change the health check method to Smartcheck or put it in cold standby instead.

Thanks Tim… I set Standby State to “Disconnect” and now it is saying Cold Standby. This should stop it from using data unless WAN 1 drops, correct?

You are correct, it will take a few extra seconds to failover but it will still do it automatically.