Balance One: Max number of PepVPN connections?

What is the maximum number of PepVPN connections on a Balance One? Is it upgradable?


Balance one is fixed at 2 PepVPN connections.

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Thanks, Jarid. I see those numbers now in the product matrix.

That means I’m looking to the 210/310 and 305 models. Any hints as to when these will be updated for increased throughput? The Balance One’s 1Gbps really stands out among almost all the other Balance models. Only 1350 and 2500 match or exceed that throughput.

I do not have a ETA or if this is even on our current road map.

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Hi cyclops, can you elaborate more on your use case and requirements? Like how many PepVPN connections you need and the application/environment. That will certainly help us in product planning. Thanks.

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This is for a small organization with a few remote workers. We have a Balance One at the main office with a couple surf sohos in other locations, and have the PepVPN connections maxed out at 2 already. We don’t need 20 profiles, but 2 is too few for our needs. We also like the higher throughput of the Balance One since many cable connections are starting to pass the 100Mbps level on a single link, and with an additional WAN it is usually a guarantee to be past that level.

Edit: We would probably be set with 5 PepVPN connections.

If you buy the licence for 5 Wan Ports on Balance One, how many pepvpn could you have?

Out of the box it supports 2 PepVPN remote peers - independent of the number of active WANs. There are license packs that can take that to 5 and 20 peers if you need them.

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