Balance one hidden / missing menu(s)


I am running Balance one with firmware v7.0.2 , while i was a reading its latest Manual , i have noticed that

DNS Settings which should be located at “Network>Inbound Access>DNS Settings.” is missing / hidden.

would you please tell me what am i missing?

thanks in advance.


Thank you for your inquiry.
Unfortunately, the Balance One doesn’t support “Inbound Load Balancing”. That is why there is no menu for it. Please see our “Balance Model Specification” below.

Balance Model Comparison:

In order to utilize the “Inbound Load Balancing” feature, you would want at least Balance 210 or above models.

Here is a KB article about Inbound Load Balancing for your reference.

Understanding Inbound Load Balancing:

Your understanding is much appreciated.


thanks a lot for your prompt response